Saturday, January 3, 2015

All White, With a Boho appeal

I took the longest to get this post up because I have been juggling way too much, thank goodness I don't have a full time job. And I am in the midst of starting my you tube channel for SatinDiaries my other blog which hopefully will become a full fledged vlog. Any kind of support is highly appreciated, everything is in piles of randomness and I am hoping like how every time I manage to get it done at the end of the day, this one follows suit.
I tend to have this unmistakable talent to look the least bit inspired with zero effort. sorry about that ;)
This is an all White Look. I love white and I tend to do All-White in modern western clothes but not in traditional wear, So I really hope you like the Look. This White plaid pattern is quite a go-to fabric for Bhutanese and its called Pang-tse if I am not mistaken. I will look it up and confirm that. Everybody owns one basically. 

How I put my spin: I paired my half Kira with A white wonju(Inner blouse kind) And instead of a tego I opted for a crochet white bomber. In Bhutan, almost everyone starts with the kira and then pairs wonju and tegos around the same color or whatever is the more prominent color or the least prominent, differs I tend to do the latter. I like to tone down my look because there is always way too much going on in the patterns in our kira. But exceptions apply, some don't like to match colors so feel free to differ.
Hat: H&M
Crochet bomber top: Gifted by my boyfriends mum
Kira: Pang-tse (White Plaid) The next level plaid ;)
Shoes: MANGO

Losar Tashi Delek, Happy New Year



Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sheer Top + Bura kira

Apart from all the excitement of my first post here I am with my second post. I must admit I was a tad bit worried about how it was going to be perceived, so far so good. I would like to thank you all for that. :)

For this post I paired my half kira ( we have two types of kira, half kira as obvious as it is, is the kind of kira that goes up to your waist whereas a full kira goes all up to your chest or shoulders. Full kira is kind of old school, almost everyone wears a half kira because its more convenient. I for one love full kiras).

How I put my spin: I opted for a sheer see through top instead of a wongu and a faux fur vest. I love how the faux fur ups my "Plain Jane bura kira game instantly. Its winter and its the time for game of Furs. I love how my see through top substitutes for a wongu in a subtle manner with the leopard collar tips.  We usually make a collar shape out of our wongu and my top did just that. You know I am all about the little details, I live for details.

Shoes: MANGO
Sheer see through top: CPS
Fauxfur: PenaHouse

I hope you like the look :) My blog is still very new so I would appreciate any kind of support in the form of likes,comments or shares.

Kadinche (Thank you)

Monday, December 1, 2014

First let me do a Plaid-ie, Same game different players.

Kuzuzangpo y'all
Thats a Bhutanese southern right there for you, I have spent a decent time of my childhood in Dechencholing and Pangrizampa the little town I used to get mad excited to go to, is in my head the mexican/texas part of Bhutan so blame it on my childhood.

I am so excited my first post is finally going live, it has been in works for the longest time, in my head the longest and on the bright side you guys didn't have to wait as long as I did to see it come to life. I want to thank you for all the support and love you have given for the past few years of my blogg-age that encouraged me to start this blog up.

This is a blog I started to make my spin on Bhutanese clothing as we know it, as I was taught for the longest time and how I as a grown up interpret it outside of the conventional Do's and Don'ts. All I am saying is Its the same game, just Different players.

How conventionals do: They almost always pair it with a tego (its like umm the outer blazer or the thicker outer wear usually made of brocade or silk) and with the length just a little below the belt or Kera. Mind it Kera is the belt whereas Kira is the dress. Less crap I will have a glossary of terms as a widget on the blog soon, so that I don't have to write it out in every post. In short here is the deal women wear a kira consisting of a wonju the inner thinner blouse, kera the belt and tego. Plaid in a kira is not a everyday scene here we go to pieces called matha, seytha and pangtsi the go to prints for both women's kiras and mens ghos, and variations here and there.

How I did : I decided to leave the tego out and do gruge and vintage together with a huge oversized blazer and a duffle Yatha (a  colorful wool weaving) bag made of yak hair.

Please feel free to drop in suggestions, comments, feedback etc anything :D gifts too just messing :)
Tashi Delek

Shoes: Threadsence
Glasses: Quay from ASOS